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Military families outside the USA can use your expired coupons! The Commissaries on military bases outside of the USA which excludes Hawaii and Alaska will accept manufacturer coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date. Want to see some fun testimonies? Follow our friends at Coups For Troops on Facebook! Share 1. Pin October-December Purge all October-December inserts. Come and join us!! Add your Twitter to the MckLinky you only have to add it to one and it will appear on all. Click on the Twitter for the four hostesses and follow each of them on Twitter.

We will follow you back. Follow as many people on Twitter as you like, but make sure to leave comments with links so they'll know where to follow you! Spread the word and add this MckLinky to your blog! Write your own post or copy and paste this one. Click here for instructions and code…. Well we waited a long time for this, and its finally going to happen.

According to www. Gee, now what can I do with my remaining coupons? The Stimulus packaged passed last year authorized up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits to those who have lost their jobs. That in my opinion is not a bad deal. These people have time to pursue new training, educating themselves for a different, more needed job, or to begin a business on their own. But do they want to do that? I'm not so sure. Before you cast stones and say I'm being mean and I don't know what its like to be unemployed, you're wrong. I worked for fifteen years in the food industry and in the beginning of the decade I was laid off from 4 different jobs within 2 years.

The companies eliminated my research and development position, or closed the facility to move operations to another state, or cut back on quality control since it was an expense. I was on unemployment briefly for a month before finding another position. But I have a job.

Luckily its a stable job. But I certainly didn't take it for the money, or for the stimulation. So I hang out in a terribly boring job. Its not much money, just over minimum wage - but I do it for the event, not the money. But my part time employers are contacting us weekly because they need more people to work.

I can understand that. So the incentive to not work needs to go away. Unemployment compensation needs to stop after a reasonable amount of time. I think 26 weeks is reasonable. By the time Congress returns from its July 4 recess this week, more than 2. Robert Byrd D-W. If Reid is correct, layoff victims will be paid retroactively for any missed checks. Without a reauthorization, 3. You know how sometimes you're reading the store sales with the coupon match ups and think, I wish I had that one coupon.

I looked every time I was at Publix, which is about 3 or 4 times a week, but never found the Purina flyer. I finally figured I needed to try to buy some. I did see it for sale on ebay, but the price was too high and shipping killed the deal. Plus I needed it this week - I haven't had the quickest deals ever go through on ebay. But since I've never traded, I don't have much clout. I signed up on some blogs on the trader wall for ISO in search of coupon and no response. So how did I get the coupon, you're wondering.

Well, I PM'd one of the forum members who happened to make an entry about the seeing the Purina coupons. Sure enough, this person had nine copies of the coupon I needed, and she wasn't going to use them. I used paypal to pay her use personal, gift check boxes to ensure no fees are added , and she mailed the coupons. Ask individuals if they have them. It works, but you need to think outside the box and be persistent. If you're frugal you're persistent anyway so that shouldn't be a problem.

For our daily exercise yesterday, we decided to take a lap around Busch Gardens. Granted they did have the spring concert series, but nothing special on July 4th this year - just fireworks. Anyway, I find it ironic that they stopped serving free beer samples in January of and their attendance tanked. The former hospitality house has been empty most days, and no one dances to Dr.

Dave or Andre as they play the piano by the bird gardens. But now they want to get more business since it has not been the same since. The plan is actually pretty good, and if you can be frugal and "share" the food with your partner, its not a bad deal. Even people who don't spend hundreds of dollars when they visit, are good for making it seem like the place is crowded and a cool place to be. They take away the free beer, but now they give away free food. I've got to think the food deal costs them more than a few 10 oz beers.

By the way, if you haven't gone to the Summer Nights events, you're missing out on some good entertainment. Each of the three daily shows is different and funny. I like the pm show where he gets male audience members to help him get up on his unicycle. We haven't been to the Kinetix show yet, but were intrigued by the preview of three jugglers with glowing face paint and glow in the dark clubs. We're planning on seeing it this weekend.

The Rays got 10 strikeouts again tonight against the Boston Red Socks. So, don't procrastinate - print your certificate now. Once again the Rays have 10 strikeouts. And we know what that means - Free Pizza! They beat the Boston Red Sox to advance to 2nd place in the standings, those pesky Yankees lead for now. For tools, we have found that a collection of bins works well; many other organization experts recommend using a pegboard over a workbench. Small, clearly marked jars work well for sorting various odds and ends that go along with your tools. Larger items like saws and electrical tools can be stored in shelving.

Toolboxes should be kept off the floor and away from moisture. Baseball bats, rackets, balls and bulky sports items store well in ball bins, large totes or even repurposed trash cans. If you sort carefully to pare down to just the necessary items, you can arrange everything clearly on a shallow shelf. Deep shelves tend to create a magical abyss where things just disappear. Hang them up on ceiling hooks tightly fastened to support beams in the garage. Hanging large items such as ladders, shovels, rakes and other tools will also keep the ground free of clutter and provide each item with a safe place to rest.

We all want to prevent things from falling on kids or cars! Assemble all storage containers and hooks and get them ready to house your remaining, now-clean garage equipment. Garages bear the brunt of the harshest weather.

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With everything out of the garage, really survey any areas that might need to be fixed or touched up. Seal any cracks with spray-in foam or sealant and consider spraying on a protective coat of LeakSeal or other flexible coating. This is also the time to check out the wires around your garage and make sure nothing looks chewed on or presents a fire hazard. Look at anything that might be exposed and call a professional if needed. Clean the gutters around your garage and be sure to look for signs of water damage.

This is also a good time to check lighting, locks and seals around your windows. You want to ensure not only weather protection, but protection from intruders. Put that broom to use! Put on a mask. Thoroughly clean out all of the corners, wash down the walls, and make sure everything is dust free.

This will prevent all of that dirt from tracking into your house later. A simple coat of latex paint in white will keep things fresh and help prevent mildew as well. Caulk around the windows and caulk any cracked or leaking seals. Now that you have a beautiful, clean and fresh garage, put the necessities back in place and organize your areas—tools, sporting goods, car repair, storage in a few clearly marked bins and gardening.

If you store your trash and recycling in your garage, be sure you keep things in bags, tightly sealed and closed to prevent odor and varmints. Keep a mat or paper under the can in case of spills. Hose out your trashcan monthly and sprinkle with baking soda to help prevent smells from wafting throughout the garage or into your house. As you return your items to the garage, keep purging and eliminating. Really aim for a garage where things are easily accessible and organized. You may revisit hobbies or feel more inspired to garden or work on projects.

Deep cleaning your garage can be surprisingly inspiring and motivating! You may even be so excited that you want to make a video of parking your car in it for the first time in 11 years! In the end, while the task may seem daunting, the rewards are well worth the effort. Here at Living Well Spending Less we talk a lot about the things you can do to save time and money, and hopefully your sanity.

And while these tips can be helpful, I think sometimes we can end up with such a long list of things we are supposed to be doing that we become overwhelmed and stressed out. More and more, I am beginning to value the importance of simplifying, learning to say no, and of giving myself grace and permission to do less. When my husband and I met and got married, I was a blonde, but not a natural one.

And let me just tell you—keeping that color looking good was practically a full time job. Finally, about five years ago, I decided to just let the chips fall where they may. If you read my first book, Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life , you already know that too much shopping has been a very real struggle in my life.

In fact, the fights between my husband and I about my shopping habits were what inspired me to start writing this blog in the first place! I shopped for the sake of shopping, as a way to pass the time. I have also found that using Stitch Fix has, for the most part, eliminated my desire to shop for clothes. Even though I usually only keep one item, knowing that box is coming each month keeps temptation at bay!

Plus it is super easy and convenient!

In fact, I purposely spend as little time as possible cooking meals! The truth is, we are not a family of foodies. Yes, we want our food to taste good, but neither my husband or I have any need for multiple courses or fancy fixings. Plain, easy, and tasty is just perfect. Yes, it does require a little coordination or juggling every now and then, and there have been a handful of times one of us has had to ask for a ride from a friend, but for the most part, it has been a non-issue.

In our small town, everything is close by, and while I do now work out of an office rather than at home, my office downtown is only about a mile from our house, and our tourist-friendly town has an extensive network of very lovely bike paths A few months ago, for my birthday, my husband surprised me with an adult tricycle that I can now ride to and from work, and that short ride has quickly become the best part of my day!

So what made the difference? I attribute it to a couple of things.

Ipic Boca Gift Card

First, I started becoming much more intentional about getting enough sleep. I am an early riser, but I was burning the candle at both ends by staying up late too. Not anymore. Second, I started using essential oils every day , both to help with sleep and to boost my immune system. I also began taking a supplement from Young Living called Ningxa Red. I have knock on wood not been sick one single time since last September when I started using it! When I first became a mom, I wanted every holiday to be picture perfect and magical, beautifully decorated and full of special traditions. Instead, I am good with a little imperfection, and with fewer decorations, fewer expectations, fewer presents, a scaled-back menu, and a lot more time to just relax.

In fact, when we were living in Seattle and my husband was working long hours as a Boeing engineer, the gym was my refuge. They had an awesome daycare and I could spend the whole morning working out, then taking a nice, long, relaxing shower without any interruptions.

I loved it! During that season of life, with just one child, a healthy income, and lots of time to fill, there was no reason not to spend 3 hours at the gym each day. Instead, I have learned to squeeze in exercise when I can.

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  • In addition to riding my bike to work, I will often go for a very quick run first thing in the morning. It is usually just 15 minutes, but it is enough to get my blood pumping. Cheaper than the gym, and a lot faster too! The truth is, all that that effort I was putting in was mostly for me, not for them. These days we usually give them a choice between going on a little trip somewhere or having a few friends over for a small get-together. It is so much easier! When we do throw a party these days, it is usually something pulled together quickly, using mostly the supplies we already have on hand, like this last-minute Peacock Party we planned in just two days.

    Sometimes perfection is overrated! I have to admit that I hesitated to include this one! Obviously your own situation may vary, but to me those minutes are often better spent getting some work done. As much as I like to be busy, my husband hates to feel like he is running around all the time. At some point I realized that for both of us to be happy, we would need to carve out a lot of downtime and blank space on our calendar. We made an effort to consciously begin cutting out and cutting down on the number of activities we committed to, especially on the weekends, and instead try to use that time to just re-charge, without having the need to go here or do that.

    Our girls are now at the age where, left to their own devices, they can pretty much entertain themselves for an entire day, losing themselves in imaginary games, playing with Legos, or running around outside. This leaves Chuck and I free to read, work on projects, play card games, or even take a nap if we feel so inclined. And then, by the time Monday rolls around, we are ready to go once again! These days, money is not quite as tight, but time is definitely at a premium. Instead, we have learned to keep our grocery budget in check by vigilantly shopping the sales, meal planning , and freezer cooking.

    I hated that thing from day one, and after we got married, I told him that we would have to figure out something to do with it, because I did not want to live in a house where the main focal point was the TV. It took us a while to finally get rid of it, but thankfully we have not had a TV in our living room since.

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    Hopefully we never will! That said, I do hope that this list may inspire you to look at what things you do want to limit in your own life, or possibly even cut out completely. After all, at the end of the day, we all have the same 24 hours. This is a guest post from Christin of Blue Crab Martini. Every summer our family spends a day in the local orchard picking as many peaches as we can carry. Although these sweet and juicy treats are quite tasty on their own, we often find ourselves with more peaches than the four of us can possibly eat.

    Grilling peaches is a great way to enhance their naturally sweet flavor because the heat from the grill gives the outer edges a nice touch of caramelization. The sweetness of the peaches combined with rich and fluffy whipped Mascarpone and salty pistachios makes for a truly delicious and decadent bite. Five everyday ingredients and about 20 minutes are all you need to make this impressive dessert. Place the peach halves sliced side down onto the grill. Let the peaches cook until they are tender and have a light coating of caramelization, about minutes depending on your grill.

    Then remove from the grill and place on a cooling rack, sliced side up. Step 2: While the peaches are grilling, begin making the whipped Mascarpone topping. Whisk on high speed for minutes, or until the Mascarpone has a nice light and fluffy texture. Feel free to taste test to see if any additional honey is needed to meet your taste preferences.

    Step 3: While the peaches are still warm but not steaming hot , add a dollop of the whipped Mascarpone to the top of each peach half. Step 5: Drizzle the remaining honey over the peaches. Summary : This simple summer dessert is made extra special by searing in that sweet flavor on the grill.

    She lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband, two young boys ages 6 and 3, and Cole, the family pooch. This is a guest post from Tasha of DesignerTrapped. To be perfectly honest, I have a few drawers that I need to tackle, but the worst one in my home was a drawer in my bathroom where I keep my everyday cosmetics and personal care items. It made getting ready in the morning more stressful and frustrating than it needed to be. This is what my drawer looked like when I got started. Luckily I came up with the easiest solution EVER for organizing my bathroom drawer, which is what I am going to share with you today!

    It requires a trip to Target, or a quick purchase on Amazon—thank you Amazon Prime! After you do this, you will wish you had done it long ago and will start hunting down other drawers in your home that need to be organized. Before you begin, familiarize yourself with when things, such as makeup, should be tossed!

    I was genuinely surprised to learn that mascara should only be used for 3 to 4 months because once it dries out or gets clumpy, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. When is the last time I used this? Get rid of the clutter. What is the expiration date? Be sure to toss any prescription and over-the-counter medications should be tossed after their expiration date.

    What in the world is this???? Not every product has a printed expiration date, so let your common sense control when necessary. Eliminate products that look or smell different than when you purchased them.

    IPic Theaters Promo Codes:

    Do I really need 3 of these? If you find that you have several duplicates of something, eliminate them!

    Would I purchase this if I went into a store right now? An expandable kitchen utensil drawer organizer. Step 1 : Completely empty the offending drawer. Step 2 : Place your kitchen utensil organizer in your drawer and expand it until it fits snugly. Step 3 : Have fun organizing! I tried to place like items with like items and tidied up my zillion teeth whitening strips by wrapping a hair elastic around them. Super simple. What are you waiting for? Go organize a junk drawer! She will inspire you to create a beautiful and happy home on a budget.

    She lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her firefighter husband and 4-year-old twin girls. They are a typical, busy family and are proof that you can beautify your home one simple project at a time without breaking the bank. If you are anything like me, you probably multitask without a second thought. There is always so much to do, and I want to do it all, all at once.

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    This is not necessarily a bad thing, but not always a good thing either. In fact, it may be burning us out and causing undue stress. Plus, it can actually make us less productive and less efficient, because multitasking actually increases the likelihood of critical mistakes and errors.

    Is there a way to get things done and yes, even multitask sometimes, without losing our sanity? After all, there are only 24 hours in a day—sometimes doubling up on tasks is just a reality of life!