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My store manager would not accept the coupon with the sale. I haven't had a bogo q with a bogo sale in a long time, but I thought PetSmart did allow it. He said it's stated in the policy, but not in the printout I have. Does anyone know of a store that will price match and accept the coupon?

I was excited until I was denied. L Grand Master. Quote from stitchshopgirl :.

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Quote from schnauzermomma :. L7: Teacher. Free bag of Nutro. First customers in store May 20 get a free bag of Nutro dog food. Even more than for beauty, Maine Coons are noted for intelligence and kindly disposition. After all, what they couldn't obtain themselves, they could always get by charming a nearby human.

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L6: Expert. Quote from StrawberryWine :. Quote from Ihateec :. Page of However, in our opinion, the IAMS vivisection experiments have involved among the highest levels of pain and suffering. The Iams cat food recall of , along with many other well-known commercial and store brands, has rocked public confidence in the safety of the foods they feed their pets.

Iams wasn't the only cat food brand to be recalled due to the vast amount of food-related deaths and injuries, but the recall list did include both Iams Cat Slices and Flakes as well as Iams Select Bites. Many lab tests have been conducted, but authorities have yet to reach a firm conclusion about what may have caused acute renal failure-related deaths in both cats and dogs, making this Iams cat food recall a real mystery.

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This anxiety is especially due to the slow relay of information concerning the exact cause of the contamination, and the number of other brand names involved in the Iams cat food recall. After the Iams , Nutro and Menu Food "Cuts and Gravy" brands of pet food were recalled from the shelves of stores such as Wal-Mart, Kroger and Safeway, nearly fifty thousand phone calls were received from concerned pet owners. The Iams cat food recall is just another wakeup call for pet lovers everywhere.

Christmas is drawing near and the annual Iams holiday pet adoption drive is in full swing.

Iams cat food coupons

LoveToKnow Dogs had the opportunity to speak with Iams spokesperson Sarah Bearce about this very special event and we're pleased to share this conversation with our readers. Entering its eighth season, the Iams holiday pet adoption drive has placed many needy animals in loving homes. During this year's pet adoption drive, each new adopting family will receive an Iams adoption kit containing food samples, coupons, and important tips on pet care, behavior, training, and nutrition.

Each facility in the network has it's own set of criteria governing adoptions, but Iams Home 4 the Holidays shelters work together to match the needs of the pets with the desires of the families. Adopting a pet through the Iams Home 4 The Holidays program will truly be a gift that your whole family will cherish long after the holidays are over. Even if you don't feed your dog Iams kibble, you've probably heard of the brand.

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Iams , headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, was founded by the Iams family in , but it wasn't until that their kibble formula and marketing came together to propel the brand to national prominence. Since then Iams has become a household name, feeding millions of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens its standard formula as well as its Eukanuba premium brand. Not content with simply manufacturing pet food, the Iams company is now branching out into the pet health care industry by promoting health insurance for pets. Iams has begun promoting public awareness of pet insurance by including promotional materials in each of its new puppy and kitten kits.

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